Manage Distributed Resources

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Add Software and Machines

  1. Open "Manage Resources" page from the Portal Navigation Menu. This menu will only be visible to Administrators.

  2. This is the "Manage Resources" interface.
    In here, we can define Software Resources and Hardware Resources (Machines).

  3. Select a Software. Here we have selected "Java". This shows the interface to specify what all versions are available for this software.

    Another example for Matlab:

  4. This is the tab where we can specify what all Environment Variables need to be provided by machines for this software. These environment variables can then be used by Wings Components in their script to ensure portability across machines.

    Or for Matlab:

  5. Select a machine. This shows information about the Machine. We should be able to connect to this machine via SSH and SFTP. Therefore we need to provide path to the User private key here. The "Is Healthy" parameter can be turned on or off to make this machine available or unavailable (simulating the health of the machine manually)

  6. The Software tab has the interface allows to choose the Installed Software for this machine.

  7. We can also specify the software environment variable values that are valid for this machine (i.e. where the software is installed on the machine)

  8. Setting up Distributed Execution

  9. In the component definition (Manage Components), we should specify the minimum software version that is required by the component. This software should be defined as mentioned above.

  10. In "Manage Domains", we should set the execution engine for the domain to be "Distributed".

  11. In the "Run Workflow" interface, after planning a workflow, the Executable Workflow shows the set of machines that the component can be executed in. Before running each component, the system chooses a healthy machine from this set at random.

  12. The Run log in the "Access Runs" interface will indicate that the component was run remotely (assuming the Local machine wasn't chosen at random from the set of valid machines).