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Last updated: Sun, 02/07/2016 - 22:12

[Edit: 6 February 2016] -- Bugfixes

Note: Bugfix release

Moving up the Wings-SNAPSHOT Releases to 4.0. Please note that this is still a Developmental Release, and is not a stable version.

Release Details

A summary of changes from 3.0-SNAPSHOT:

1) You will see 2 menus on the top right. These are quick ways to show the Domain you are viewing, and the user that you are viewing.
In order to switch the domain and user, you can use these menus as well.

2) Now a user can Share Domains, and you can see & edit them. Currently the permissions are all or nothing, i.e. you can write to the shared domain as well. For example, if you go to nayely's account, you can see the domain that she has shared. Once you’ve done that, you can go to “Run Workflows”, “Manage Data” as you normally do and you will see her information. We allow sharing domains with particular users as well.

3) We can set the Permissions for a domain.

4) You can set the Execution Engine to distributed using the “Manage Domain” interface as well.

5) Provenance tab (for Templates, Data, Datatypes, Components, Component Types and Users). Provenance is stored using PROV-O Standard.

6) Manage Users interface. A quick way to add, delete users, and set their passwords. This interface also has the provenance tab that shows you what the user has done.

7) Revamped icons. Using Font-based Icons for more flexibility, light weight, and better appearance with high-res retina displays.

Lots of changes under the hood.. :-)