Wings Workflows for measuring "Water Metabolism"

We are using Wings to measure "Water Metabolism" for the Aqua-Flow Project. The idea behind the project is to observe, model and manage water resources to optimize stream ecology while sustaining society’s water needs.

With regards to Wings, we would like demonstrate knowledge-rich workflow design and large-scale distributed execution capabilities to assist users in the development and management of complex analyses through guidance and automation.

The diagram below shows a workflow for computing Metabolism Estimates for a point in a river, and plotting them across a timeline. These estimates help scientists identify the effect of human activity on the ability of a river to sustain its ecology. The workflow first converts the data from Sensors in the river into a standard format. Then it splits the data into days and proceeds to do some filtering and preprocessing. Finally it computes Nighttime parameters like Dissolved Oxygen which are essential to compute the Metabolism Estimates. We also use the Latitude and Longitude location of the sensors to internally compute the sunrise and sunset times for that location, and it allows the component to know when night begins and ends. Finally the Metabolism Estimates are computed, and plotted for the time given.

Here is an example Result: